FO Friday ~ Whatever Socks

Happy Friday!  Guess what I finished this week?  Socks, of course.


Pattern  ::  Whatever Socks
Yarn  ::  Paton’s Kroy FX in camo
Needle  ::  US 1.5 (2.5 mm)

 These socks had a rocky start but were well worth it in the end.  Once I got the stitch count straightened out (76 st cast-on in the pattern trimmed to a 60 st cast-on) it was pretty smooth sailing.  With everything clear, the second sock flew off the needles.

I had tried twisted stitches once before with not much luck.  This time around was much better.  Learning to read the knitting was a big help.

I love the subtle color change and the yarn made a firm fabric, just what ~J~ likes.  He’s already worn his new socks and pronounced them very comfortable and warm.  Maybe a little too warm for spring.  These will be good deep-winter socks.

Enjoy your weekend!

~  Janet


7 thoughts on “FO Friday ~ Whatever Socks

  1. Very very nice sock finish. Way to stick with it. ! Im working on a pair now and they require some welcome focus. Yours are already being worn? Wonderful.


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