Sock Blocker Makeover

8-DSCN4765 I’ve had a few comments lately about the sock blockers in recent posts, so I though I’d share my diy project.  I’ve had the blue plastic version for years now, but recently I’ve been bothered by the bright blue and the way the color conflicts with some of the lovely yarns.  It was time for a makeover.


I found the perfect poster-sized cardstock.


Apply a generous coat of Mod Podge to one side of the blocker.


Press the sticky side of the blocker to the underside of the cardstock.  Be sure to make good contact all over (I used the roller in the background).  I placed a paperweight in the middle and left it to dry.


Time to cut around the outside.  I used a craft knife with a cutting mat underneath.


A gold Sharpie covers the blue edges.  Note for next time :: Do this first.  It’s fiddly once the paper is glued on.


Gold pen on reinforcement circles to cover the holes at the top.

Repeat for the other side with the same or contrasting paper.  I haven’t done this yet.  I think I have SSBS (second sock blocker syndrome).


And there you have it.  “New-to-you” sock blockers that add a little glitz to your photos.


~  Janet



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