FO Friday ~ Charade Socks

It’s Friday and another pair of socks have been added to the drawer.


Pattern  ::  Charade by Sandra Park
Yarn  ::  ONline Supersocke 100 Noble Color with Angora, gray green tan colorway
Needle  ::  US 1.5 (2.5 mm)

Great pattern, easy to memorize and one I’ll probably knit again.  The yarn is soft and fuzzy thanks to the angora.  Can I get bonus points for matching the stripes?

Have you ever bought yarn and later wondered why?  I don’t like the fuzz or the colors.  What was I thinking?  In real life the colors, including the white stripe, are grayed and less crisp.  Because of that and all the fuzz, I wasn’t enjoying the knitting and opted for a shorter leg than usual.  The fit is good so they’ll make good house socks.

This is pair #9 for the Year of Stash Socks challenge.  Pair #10 will be finished soon and then I’m going to give my hands a short break and work on some other WIPs.

Enjoy your weekend!

~  Janet


6 thoughts on “FO Friday ~ Charade Socks

  1. How interesting there is angora in this sock yarn. It is amazing to think you’re going for 24 pairs! That is an awesome goal. I hope there is another year or box of socks challenge next year as I want to do that for myself.


  2. beautiful! do you think the angora will make the socks fragile? just wondering….I am not hard on socks but my husband sure is. I only use trekking yarn on his feet.


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