WIP Wednesday ~ Project Zero Style

Happy Wednesday!  We’ve had lots of rain lately and, although it’s been needed after such a dry April, I’m happy to see the bright sunshine this morning.  I hope you’re having a good start to your day too.


It’s been all socks all the time around here.  You’ve been so kind with your encouragement and comments.  Still, I’ve been searching for a way to add a little variety to my knitting and the blog.  I have dozens of WIPs (a very conservative estimate) sitting in bags and baskets, some so close to being finished.  Thanks to the folks in the Year of Stash Socks (YOSS) group on Ravelry, the same folks who feed my sock obsession, I’ve found Project Zero.

The premise is that the more projects/goals you have at one time, the less likely you are of getting any of them accomplished.  It’s important to make things manageable so that you’re able to actually check projects off your list.

From the Ravelry thread :  “Here’s how it works: the personal challenge is to pick no more than THREE goals, and work on them to the exclusion of everything else on your list . . . . As you achieve one goal, you can cross it off and add another goal – bring one up from (a) reserve list, but never more than THREE at any given time.”

Count me in!  Here’s the list I added to the Ravelry group thread.

On Stage

  • Dublin Bay Socks – May YOSS challenge
  • Reyna Shawl
  • Caspian Scarf

Waiting in the Wings

  • Business Casual Socks
  • Samothrace Wings
  • Camillia
  • Boxy
  • Leg warmers

Take a Bow!

  • finished projects coming soon

I’ll let you know how it goes.  Wish me luck!

Do you have a certain way to manage your projects?

~  Janet



8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday ~ Project Zero Style

  1. I now have five WIPs. My first goal was to try to work on the 3-4 four of them each day by knitting to a certain point so there’s weekly progress, but now I kind of like just focusing on one a day so there’s continuity.

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  2. I love that Zentangle tile I see in your photo Janet! Beautiful 😄. Great post today and I’ve never thought about managing my projects like this, may have to start so I don’t go overboard on WIPs, lol.

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  3. I have a way of managing my projects, all right. It’s called “chaos.” Gift knitting helps me prioritize to some degree, but I mostly just pick up what I want to pick up. It would be a good idea for me to have a bit more structure.
    I have a Reyna going. It’s great for TV watching and socializing.
    Awesome Zentangle. One of my favorite crafts.

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  4. Love the tile!! So clean and crisp. Mine are messy and fuzzy. I have a long way to go.
    Manage my projects? Hahahahahahaha….if you read my blog then you know I can’t. I am out of control since I retired but I am fine with it. The fun is in the doing for me.

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  5. well, I like to do a massive cast on then do a massive finish off before I start another project. I try not to have more than five projects on the needles. That five is what works best for me. Love your photo so spring like and fresh!

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  6. Cute sheep in your photo! I am not the one to ask about WIPs as I have way too many. Right now though, I am focusing on two. We’ll see how that goes as there are plenty waiting in the wings.

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