Weekend Snapshots

This was the weekend for the Bluegrass Classic Stockdog Trials.  ~J~ and I have been going to the trials for many, many years.  Our Miss Sydney was a border collie (with maybe a little australian shepherd in the mix) and she had all the herding instincts.  She worked hard to keep her sheep us in line.

Saturday’s weather was cool and wet.  These are seriously hard-working dogs and a little misty rain doesn’t slow them down.  It does, however, make it hard to get decent photos.


The sheep are brought to the starting post which is a good distance from the handler’s ring.


The dog makes a wide run around the field, so as not to startle the sheep, and then begins to move them up the field.


The sheep are encouraged to move through a series of gates on their way.  We saw some single-minded and stubborn sheep this weekend.  The dogs have an incredible amount of patience.


Once back up to the handler,


they shed (separate) one sheep from the group and then guide them into a pen (forgot to get a photo of that).  Did I mention there’s a time limit for all this?  The handler/dog team are awarded points for completing each section.


The dogs cool down in a tub of water and are praised for a job well done.

And the last photo, just for fun . . .


a picture of me taking a picture of me taking a picture of me taking a picture of        🙂

The Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival was also held this weekend.  Brace yourself —– I didn’t go.  It was time to take a break from random shopping.  There will be plenty of time to plan for next year.

Enjoy your week.

~  Janet



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  1. We love the dog trials too. We had a wonderful border collie when the kids were little that spent all of his time herding them up for us. We sure miss that dog. We always said he was smarter than any of us!

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