~J~ and I have been talking about adding a new pup to the family and started visiting shelters a month or so ago.  The very first dog that caught our eye was a beautiful border/lab mix, but we agreed not to jump in immediately.  We continued to visit shelters and adoption events and gave serious consideration to six dogs of various breeds, sizes and ages.  Yesterday we brought our new girl home.

Say hello to . . .



Moira, originally known as Shadow, is that same beautiful girl who caught our eye when our search first began.


We adopted her from a shelter that had rescued her as a stray.  She’s a 20-month old border/lab/shepherd mix.  Such a big, sweet girl and pure puppy — full of energy one minute and ready to nap the next.   So far we know she likes being outside, taking walks, playing with sticks and tennis balls, snoozing on the couch and getting belly rubs.

3-DSCN4844Still a little timid, she’s settled in nicely on her first full day here.  We’re very glad she waited for us and agreed to join the family.

There’s not a lot of down time with a pup in the house so blogging (reading and writing) may be a bit inconsistent for a bit.  We’ll all settle into a routine soon.

~  Janet

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  1. I love her name. I love how you didnt jump into things. She will be a perfect fit. She is a lucky girl. Black dogs have such a hard time being adopted out
    Forever home love!

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