Time Flies By Again

I took another little bloggy break (you’re used to them by now, aren’t you),  blinked twice and June is almost gone.  They say time flies when you’re having fun and most of this month has been fun.  I was able to spend time in Florida with The Kids.


Little Miss has grown so much.  She’s 16 months, sharp as a tack and full of energy.  She kept her Gram on her toes and entertained the whole time.


Even a busy girl with lots to do needs to take a break and fuel up with a little snack.  She loves her “chee-o” (Cheerios).  I enjoyed catching up with The Kids too.  Visits are always too short.


As much as I hated to leave, it was fun to come home to this sweet girl.  I left when Moira had been part of the family for only a week and wondered what kind of greeting I would receive.  She was warm and gentle.  The photo is a little blurry because she doesn’t sit still for long.

I came home with a major cough and left, I hope, before sharing it with The Kids.  I’ve been down a week and on the mend now.  So, time to jump back into the blogging world.  I’ve missed my blog and my bloggy friends.

Lots to update soon.

~  Janet



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      1. Your grand daughter is adorable and is so grown up looking. Time sure flies, doesn’t it. So sorry you’ve been under the weather and hope you’re feeling better just in time to celebrate. Happy Fourth, Janet!

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