Friday Knitting

Welcome to July!  June flew by so fast.  We had a lovely morning with breakfast on the deck and enjoyed the quiet and mild temperature.


Sock knitting is suffering from a little burn-out (so many socks earlier this year) and a mild case of start-itis.  One of the new cast-ons, Tidewater by Laura Aylor, became my travel project and is getting most of my attention now.  I chose a linen/cotton blend yarn (Knit Pick Lindy Chain) in a colorway called thicket.  The construction was new to me with easy to follow instructions.  Rounds and rounds of nothing but knitting are quite soothing.

For fun, I thought I’d share Moira’s first knitting project.


She very calmly lifted this ball of cotton from the bag beside me and went to work.  No real harm done if you’re willing to spend some time untangling.  The message was clear — it’s time for me to be more organized and intentional about the yarns.

Enjoy your weekend!

~  Janet


8 thoughts on “Friday Knitting

  1. love the sweater and thought of peaceful morning knitting. 🙂 As for puppy knitting – well, she’s cute, right? Glad the yarn survived, because it is very pretty. 🙂

    I hear you on sock burn out. I did a ton of socks a couple of years ago, and haven’t knit any in more than a year. I know this because I bought some yarn a year ago to make some for my niece. It is all caked up and ready to go, but nothing has happened yet. I left that yarn right by the pattern book and needles, but no miracle yet. 🙂

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