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Weekend Snapshots

This weekend the camera spotted . . .


beautiful webs


on a foggy morning.


We took a day trip to do a little antiquing and found this collection of flower frogs.  I was tempted to add the yellow ceramic to my collection.


Yarn bombing in the grassy area just outside one of the shops.  Love it!


Lazy Sunday for Moira.


Black-eyed Susan’s in the front garden have enjoyed the recent rains.

Lots of knitting while we watched the Olympics on TV.

How was your weekend?

~  Janet


5 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots

  1. I have to try antiquing. I want to look for old-fashioned tea cups but I admit I’m a little intimidated to go in such a shop. We had a fun playdate here at our house Saturday and I don’t know what happened Sunday but I totally crashed out. I was so pooped. I ended up crawling into bed.

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  2. Our weekend was great; we took a fun hike up near Mount Rainier in perfect weather. I’ve been watching the Olympics, too, and knitting……

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