WIP Wednesday ~ 8.24.16

We’re enjoying another lovely, mild morning and Miss Moira and I have spent some extra time on the deck.  Summer is fine but I’m really rooting for an early autumn and it shows into today’s knitting project.


After finishing the Tidewater (FO post to come as soon as I take care of the loose ends), I decided it was time for a cool weather sweater.  I had been gifted the pattern for the Laurie pullover in a drawing on Ravelry, ordered the yarn (Knit Picks City Tweed) and cast on the day it was delivered.  The back yoke is knit first, blocked and then stitches are picked up for the front.  Normally I would ignore the part about blocking but I see the wisdom in the suggestion, so that’s what I’ll do today.


Miss Moira kept a close eye out for squirrels and bunnies while I was taking photos this morning.  When she realized I had turned the camera on her, she posed a couple of times and then plopped down.


“Please, Mom.  No more photos.  I’m exhausted.”

Happy Wednesday and enjoy the rest of your week.

~  Janet

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