WIP Wednesday ~ 9.21.16


Little Pumpkin socks have finally found a rhythm.  The pattern uses a new-to-me cable to form the rounded tops of the pumpkins, easy to remember.  Last week I had just frogged, after the third mistake, and started again.  There is nothing wrong with the pattern as written and there are hundreds of completed projects on Ravelry.  My concentration has just taken a vacation.

2-dscn5134On the next try, I decided to simplify and knit the same stitch pattern for all the pumpkins instead of alternating and things are moving along nicely now.

I’ve downloaded Isle of Palms from OverDrive and finally found a story to keep my attention.

Happy Wednesday!

~  Janet

PS >  Miss Moira says Thank You Very Much for all the lovely birthday wishes.   🙂




3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday ~ 9.21.16

  1. I had trouble getting into a knitting rhythm of the silver leaf shawl, I guess my mind was elsewhere because after a few days i was totally into the rhythm!! love the socks and I would have ripped out and started all over again as well 🙂

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