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WIP Wednesday ~ 4.27.16

Happy Wednesday!  It’s been a pretty dry April here.  Last night’s storm left everything green and sparkly this morning.  So pretty.

On the needles . . .


Can you stand another sock update?  The Simple Skyp socks are headed toward the finish line.  Sock 1 has just begun the toe decreases.  Sock 2 has turned the heel and ready to continue the foot.  If I push a little, I’m pretty sure I can have these finished before the end of April for the YOSS challenge.  Fingers crossed.

In the journals . . .

Two background pages ready for the next layers.  Part of me likes the page on the left as it is.  The background on the right is made of torn text pages and scraps from a paper used to clean stencil and stamps.  Both will have to wait a bit while I finish the socks.

On the bookshelf . . .  Still reading and enjoying The Art of Arranging Flowers.

In the garden . . .


While I was on the deck taking photos of the socks, the bunny was munching away in the garden.  Of course, when I turned the camera in that direction he sprinted behind the tree.  He froze and watched me watching him and snapping a couple of photos.  He was soon back in the garden munching on the greens again.

I hope you’re having a nice Wednesday.  Enjoy the rest of your week!

~  Janet