FO Friday ~ TdF Spinning

Finn Collage

Finally a finish for the Tour de Fleece.  I’ve been relaxing and enjoying the spin this year and using the spindle has been a fun change of pace.  The Finn fiber was a mix of natural brown and white which gives the 2-ply yarn a rustic look.  I see this being used in some colorwork, maybe fingerless mitts.

Enjoy your weekend!  I’ll be spinning and stitching.

~  Janet


Tour de Fleece Update

Last week was quite a week.  Mom was sent to the ER on the 4th and after a short hospital stay was discharged on Thursday.  She is doing very well now and making good progress back in her apartment.  And ~J~ and I have finally beat the virus.


TdF spinning for week 1 was not very consistent but I was still able to make some progress.  I pulled out the handmade Flower Power spindle and managed about an ounce of the Finn fiber.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve used a spindle and I was surprised how easily I was able to pick it back up.  The fiber is from a Breed Sampler Pack purchased from Woolgatherings several years ago.  So far, the Finn has been very easy on the hands.  Even though this is an official Rest Day in the Tour, I’m planning to finish this up and have it ready to ply tomorrow.

With things close to normal again, I’m hoping to catch up on blog reading and posting.  I should be around soon to check on you.  Thanks for stopping in to see me.

Enjoy your day!

~ Janet


Tour de Fleece 2016


Along with the Tour de France, the annual Tour de Fleece spin-a-long begins today.  I’ve had lofty goals over the years.  This year I’ve not had much time for prep or warm-up so my plan is simple:

  • Spin a little each day.
  • Use stash fibers.
  • Enjoy the ride.

I’ll start with these from the stash and there’s more if I were to finish early.


  • Woolgatherings, from the sampler, 1 oz Finnish
  • Smoky Mountain Spinnery, 4 oz merino
  • The Unique Sheep, 2 oz merino/yak

Happy Saturday and Happy Tour!

~  Janet