FO Friday ~ Caspian Scarf

Project Zero works!


Pattern  ::  Caspian by Drops Design
Yarns  ::  Merino/Silk Handspun in Del Mar colorway, Merino Handspun in riverstone colorway, Zitron Trekking Pro Natura in blue-green colorway
Needle  ::  US 8 (5.0 mm)

This is a simple garter stitch scarf, knit lengthwise striping in three colors.  The two handspuns were completed in last year’s Tour de Fleece.  The Zitron Trekking is from deep, deep stash and was held double to match the two handspuns.

The scarf was finished in February.  All that it needed was to sew in the ends and have a good soak.  And so it sat.  The weather warmed, other projects had my attention and I moved on.  It was forgotten until I started organizing old WIPs.  Project Zero was just the push I needed to get it finished.

Happy Friday!  Enjoy your weekend!

~  Janet


FO Friday ~ Charade Socks

It’s Friday and another pair of socks have been added to the drawer.


Pattern  ::  Charade by Sandra Park
Yarn  ::  ONline Supersocke 100 Noble Color with Angora, gray green tan colorway
Needle  ::  US 1.5 (2.5 mm)

Great pattern, easy to memorize and one I’ll probably knit again.  The yarn is soft and fuzzy thanks to the angora.  Can I get bonus points for matching the stripes?

Have you ever bought yarn and later wondered why?  I don’t like the fuzz or the colors.  What was I thinking?  In real life the colors, including the white stripe, are grayed and less crisp.  Because of that and all the fuzz, I wasn’t enjoying the knitting and opted for a shorter leg than usual.  The fit is good so they’ll make good house socks.

This is pair #9 for the Year of Stash Socks challenge.  Pair #10 will be finished soon and then I’m going to give my hands a short break and work on some other WIPs.

Enjoy your weekend!

~  Janet


FO Friday ~ Zigzagular Socks

Happy Friday!

During my blog break, I finished two pairs of socks for the YOSS challenge.  Here’s the first pair.


Pattern  ::  Zigzagular Socks by Susie White
Yarn  ::  Patons Kroy Socks Ragg Shades in green striped ragg colorwayNeedle  ::  US 1.5 (2.5 mm)

Pair #8 for the Year of Stash Socks challenge.

I  L••V•E these socks.  Interesting pattern, self-striping colors, nice fit.  Everything about these socks make me smile.  I adjusted the pattern for a 30 stitch cast-on, easily done since the zig-zag runs down only one side of each sock and the pattern gives directions for mirroring.  The stripes could have been manipulated to match, there was plenty of yarn left, but I’m not one to worry much about it if the socks are for me.  ~J~ likes this pattern too, so he may be getting a pair soon.

Thank you for visiting today and looking at yet another pair of socks.  Enjoy your weekend!

~  Janet


FO Friday ~ Whatever Socks

Happy Friday!  Guess what I finished this week?  Socks, of course.


Pattern  ::  Whatever Socks
Yarn  ::  Paton’s Kroy FX in camo
Needle  ::  US 1.5 (2.5 mm)

 These socks had a rocky start but were well worth it in the end.  Once I got the stitch count straightened out (76 st cast-on in the pattern trimmed to a 60 st cast-on) it was pretty smooth sailing.  With everything clear, the second sock flew off the needles.

I had tried twisted stitches once before with not much luck.  This time around was much better.  Learning to read the knitting was a big help.

I love the subtle color change and the yarn made a firm fabric, just what ~J~ likes.  He’s already worn his new socks and pronounced them very comfortable and warm.  Maybe a little too warm for spring.  These will be good deep-winter socks.

Enjoy your weekend!

~  Janet


FO Friday ~ Spring Forward Socks

I thought I was doing well with the time change but now, at the end of the week, I have to admit that I feel a bit off balance.  I almost forgot to post today.  And I’ve been waiting all week to share the latest finished socks.


Pattern  ::  Spring Forward
Yarn  ::  Knit Picks Stroll Hand-Painted in herbal wreath
Needle  ::  US 1.5 (2.5 mm)

Pair #6 for the Year of Stash Socks (YOSS) challenge.

These were finished on the day the time did spring forward.    🙂     I had my doubts about whether I’d be able to keep up with this challenge, two pair of socks a month, but so far I’m enjoying the knitting and the goal.

I cast on the second Whatever sock yesterday and knit a bit while watching the UK basketball game.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!

~  Janet