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WIP Wednesday ~ 10.5.16


September’s Little Pumpkin socks have walked right into October, one sock finished and half-way down the leg on the second.  Progress in slow because, to be honest, I’m tired of socks and my hands are protesting the cables.  They will be finished soon and enjoyed when the weather cools more.

I’ve also had an overwhelming urge to work through some of the projects that have been neglected for a while.

  • Citron — I played yarn chicken and lost, found a solution and finished the bind off Monday.  More to come after a good soak and blocking.
  • Lace Hitchhiker — I love the yarn, the pattern, the fabric but not so much the knit.  Serious thought is being given to sending it to the frog pond.  I just can’t decide.
  • Barndom shawl has been frogged and two lovely yarns have been rescued.
  • Mirkwood socks will be finished after the Little Pumpkins.  Then it will be plain vanilla socks for a while.


And then there’s the 3-Color Cashmere Cowl.  LOVE this one!  I’ve modified the length considerably by reducing the row repeats.  Two more bands to finish.

My Goodreads goal this year was 12 books.  Isle of Palms was finished last week bringing my total to 10.  On the Kindle now is The Girl You Left Behind by JoJo Moyes.  Just getting started so I don’t really have an opinion yet.

How are your projects coming along?

Happy Wednesday!



WIP Wednesday ~ 9.21.16


Little Pumpkin socks have finally found a rhythm.  The pattern uses a new-to-me cable to form the rounded tops of the pumpkins, easy to remember.  Last week I had just frogged, after the third mistake, and started again.  There is nothing wrong with the pattern as written and there are hundreds of completed projects on Ravelry.  My concentration has just taken a vacation.

2-dscn5134On the next try, I decided to simplify and knit the same stitch pattern for all the pumpkins instead of alternating and things are moving along nicely now.

I’ve downloaded Isle of Palms from OverDrive and finally found a story to keep my attention.

Happy Wednesday!

~  Janet

PS >  Miss Moira says Thank You Very Much for all the lovely birthday wishes.   🙂





WIP Wednesday ~ 9.14.16

Another lovely Wednesday morning, autumn is slowly beginning to show itself outdoors and in my knitting.


I’m doing my best to encourage the fall season to step up.  My September socks for the YOSS challenge have been started, twice.  I can live with a little mistake in my knitting, but three before you finish the leg, nope.  The pattern is Little Pumpkins Socks and the yarn is KP Stroll in foliage tonal.  I know you can’t tell much from the photo so I threw in the little cross-stitch pumpkin pillow I made several years ago.

I’m reading through magazines — Spin Off and Art Journaling — but stalled on books right now.  Just can’t find anything to keep me interested past the first couple chapters.  There are a couple of books on hold on Overdrive and we’ll see how they go when they’re available.

How are your projects coming along?

~  Janet


WIP Wednesday ~ 8.30.16

The knitting basket that sits by my chair is overflowing with WIPs.  So many cast-ons lately and so many projects on the needles.


The Laurie pullover (right) is coming along slowly.  The back yoke is finished and I’m half-way through the ribbing for the front.  This has been set aside for the 3 Color Cashmere Cowl (left).  I cast on last week when I found the yarn and love it!  The yarn is Knit Picks Capretta fingering in cream, thicket and sagebrush and so, so soft.   I’ve also added a few rows to the lace-weight Hitchhiker, but not enough to show much progress.

That’s the update for me.  How are your projects coming along?

Happy Wednesday!

~  Janet


WIP Wednesday ~ 8.24.16

We’re enjoying another lovely, mild morning and Miss Moira and I have spent some extra time on the deck.  Summer is fine but I’m really rooting for an early autumn and it shows into today’s knitting project.


After finishing the Tidewater (FO post to come as soon as I take care of the loose ends), I decided it was time for a cool weather sweater.  I had been gifted the pattern for the Laurie pullover in a drawing on Ravelry, ordered the yarn (Knit Picks City Tweed) and cast on the day it was delivered.  The back yoke is knit first, blocked and then stitches are picked up for the front.  Normally I would ignore the part about blocking but I see the wisdom in the suggestion, so that’s what I’ll do today.


Miss Moira kept a close eye out for squirrels and bunnies while I was taking photos this morning.  When she realized I had turned the camera on her, she posed a couple of times and then plopped down.


“Please, Mom.  No more photos.  I’m exhausted.”

Happy Wednesday and enjoy the rest of your week.

~  Janet